Who we are

Calvin College

Where we learn together

Calvin College is a reformed comprehensive school with a wide offer of education, seven locations and over three thousand pupils. What is typical of Calvin College?


What is the school's character?

  • We start with the most important

We focus on the future and in doing so view life in perspective of eternity.

  • We offer a fitting education

We focus on the person instead of the results. We center on individual talents.

  • We stand next to you and stimulate you

We have consideration for responsibilities and needs. The word ‘relationship’ is central to us; we support each other.

The nurturing ground for all of this is our Christian identity. Every pupil is unique, a valuable creature of God. We feel connected as Christians. Here you are allowed to be who you are. Therefore we help you grow in a way that befits you. The slogan below the logo summarizes it as: ‘Where we learn together’ (Waar we samen leren).


What do we offer?

Calvin College, out of conviction, wants to offer the individual pupil exactly what he or she needs: a view on the value of a life with God and fitting education in challenge and care.


Clear in identity

The Christian identity is reflected in many ways. Not only during day openings, religion classes, and themed days, the Christian faith is the topic of discussion. At various places throughout the school, the educational methods and forms are aimed at the connection with the Word of God. Calvin College aspires that pupils feel safe and at home at school. Pupils live in two worlds: their home and school environment guided by the Bible and the secular social environment. Calvin College sees it as their task to guide pupils in making responsible decisions.


Strong in quality

Calvin College stands for quality in their work and that is not only measurable, but also perceptible. Measurable in everything represented in columns, figures, and percentages; perceptible regarding our Christian identity and the care we provide for our pupils. Calvin College scores highly in school performance examination. Several departments have once again received the predicate ‘Excellent School’, which covers more than just the results. In addition, there are the positive results of the annual contentment survey (Scholenopdekaart.nl) among parents and pupils.


Care is a priority

The school focuses on pupils’ care. This becomes visible in the heartily approach towards pupils, investment in mentorship, the broadness of the offered care, and the clear school-wide care structure. Mentors and career advisers help pupils in their (school) career, there are special trainings regarding performance and social anxiety, and pupils who need extra guidance receive care befitting their individual needs. Long before fitting education became topical, the school adopted a custom approach per pupil.


Locations and educational forms

Calvin College has seven locations spread over four places in the province Zeeland (in the south of the Netherlands). Goes has three different locations, Krabbendijke has two, and Middelburg and Tholen each also have their own location of Calvin College. All these locations offer different forms of educations to the pupils to fit their individual talents and needs. These forms are characteristic of the Dutch educational system and will be explained below.

  • Pro: praktijkonderwijs

For pupils that need education that is practically formed and given in small groups.

  • Vmbo: voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs

Vmbo is divided into three streams. Vmbo tl+ is the most theoretical form of vmbo, while vmbo bb is strongly focused on vocational subjects. Vmbo kb is the educational form in between, where the focus on vocational subjects is stronger than in vmbo tl+, but not as strong as in vmbo bb.

  • Lwoo: leerwegondersteunend onderwijs

This is not a separate educational form, but concerns extra guidance for vmbo-pupils.

  • Havo: hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs

The pupils are, compared to vmbo-pupils, more independent, their learning pace is of a higher level, and they receive a larger amount of study material.

  • Atheneum

From year 3 onwards, these pupils learn independently and process study material in a fast pace. Compared to havo, atheneum is more focused on insight and the ability of abstraction.

  • Gymnasium

Similar to atheneum, except that pupils learn Latin from year 1 onwards and Greek is added in year 2. This form is aimed at a classical and intellectual education.